Why People Fear Visiting the Dentist: Reasons and Solutions - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-27


A dentist is a person who identifies, treats and provides preventive measures to curb illness and disorders of the oral cavity. Oral cavity ailments include bad smell, lack of sufficient saliva, jaw disorder such as weak muscles, gum swellings, and loosening of the teeth. Bacterial infection is the leading cause of dental ailments. A regular dental check-up is essential in one's life. However, many people fear to go to the dentist for check-up and treatment purposes. Below are the reasons why people fail to visit the dentist despite having dental and oral cavity problems and to help them overcome fear.

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People fear to visit the dentist because they don't want to experience the pain. Some people are nervous with pain. A dental check-up may involve insertion of objects like needles in the jaws which is painful. Teeth removal can also be painful thus instilling fear in dental patients. Therefore, most people prefer non-painful home remedies such as the application of herbal powders on the floors of the oral cavity. Use of herbal drugs only relieves one from pain but does not cure the root problem.

Past painful encounters with a dentist may make a patient not intend to visit again. Many people perceive oral cavity check-up and treatment as painful even when in the real sense it might not be true. Most people cannot also withstand the presence of a dentist especially if they have ever had an encounter with one. Experience of dental pain can be indirect after someone listens to traumatic, painful stories that one has ever gone through stories. Other patients are victims of falling under the hands of un-experienced dental caregivers; thus they don't want to get the same experience.

Dental check-up requires one to settle in an absolute position as instructed by the dentist. Oral procedures require calmness and minimal body movements as they involve the use of sharp objects like needles which need careful insertion in the jaw muscles. Many people, however, lack control. Resting in one position is perceived as being tiresome and bringing out boredom. Thus, people fear to visit a dentist when they think of being confined in one place for long when they are not used. A position of a patient also renders the patient unable to breathe efficiently.

Lack of oral cleanliness is another reason why people shy away from visiting a dentist. Most people don't involve themselves in cleaning their oral cavity regularly as it is required for health purposes. Patients are also embarrassed about the looks of their dental formula. Furthermore, a dentist might be unfamiliar. Therefore, patients feel uncomfortable in letting someone closely look and examine their mouth.

Cost of the dental check-up is another nightmare as it may be expensive. Dentistry is a profession where one works to earn a living. Therefore, dental caregivers charge a fee at the expense of their services. Most people find it hard to raise the required amount of money to pay for the dentist. Expenses include the cost of traveling to the clinic. People fear to visit the dentist because they are aware that no treatment and dental examination will take place without money.

The fear experienced by people prevents them from visiting a dentist when they face dental ailment. Victims of anxiety may lead a very uncomfortable life especially if the disorder is painful. Bad breath is also a consequence of not visiting a dentist on time and may lead to embarrassment especially when you are amid others due to loss of self-love. Dental diseases may also lead to teeth loss. Loss of teeth renders one unable to eat any food. People with oral cavity diseases may encounter early death as they may succumb to lung diseases.

Patients suffering from fear of visiting a dentist can be helped to overcome the fear. The use of drugs can curb the fear of experiencing pain during treatment and examination. Drugs lead to loss of sensation temporally on the area the dentist is working. However, a dentist should carefully use a drug which will not cause any health risks to the patient. One should also consider visiting a dentist who is well qualified to handle dental patients with care avoid traumatic experiences. In the article by MacDonald, (2016), Dental Fear Coping Techniques, people should "have a dentist explain everything to them before doing it." Patients should also visit dental care providers whom they are comfortable with such that they can ask questions concerning their uncertainties of the procedure they will undergo.

Other ways of overcoming the fear of visiting a dentist are to have the authority and power over the treatment room. Patients should feel free to ask the dental caregiver for a break in between for relaxation purposes. Music in the room also helps in distracting the patient from the procedure being undertaken on him/her. Visiting a dentist accompanied by a friend helps in fear reduction. People should make it a duty routine to clean their oral cavities thoroughly to avoid embarrassment when they visit a dentist. However, in the article by Seltzer,(2018), "How to Overcome Dental Anxiety," one should not feel shy as dentists are 'have seen it all.' Fear of expensive cost in visiting a dentist can be curbed by attending less charging clinics or being treated by student dentists who are trying to gain experience in their medical field at no fee.


In conclusion, a dentist is an individual who deals with oral cavity general care. Dental disorders such as gum inflammation, painful hollow cavities, loss of teeth and bad smell are dangerous to someone's health and might lead to death. People fear to visit a dentist because they may experience pain, are embarrassed about their oral cavity cleanliness, to avoid being confined in one position for long during treatment and high cost of charges. The use of anesthetic drugs can curb fear, booking an appointment with a familiar dentist, visiting less charging clinics and by ensuring proper oral cavity cleanliness.


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