Article Analysis Essay on Globalization of World Politics

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Date:  2022-10-03


Many have always viewed America to be the nation with the most established political system that is continuously emulated in other countries. Power maximization has brought up diversification of international politics. For instance, the gubernatorial system that the US implemented a long time ago is now being implemented in other countries in the world. Indeed, America was blessed with real leaders at the onset of government that has always been maintained and developed by a system of checks and balances. The world politics has been on the run for development and improvement of politics. Baylis, Smith, and Owens (2014) outline that the US leaders had a concern of parties which were a threat to the young republic. The American leaders were so suspicious about any undertaking of parties to limit them from corrupting and destroying the young American democracy. It was clear that at the parties, there was a dramatic white voting rights expansion. But the state still laid restrictions for the poor people to exercise their right to vote.

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Summary of the Article

According to Baylis (2014), it was evident that limitation of the poor from voting as a result of their financial incapacity would make the leaders manipulate the vote of the poor members of the society. The international distribution of power proved to constraint states to uphold a particular code of political stunt. Defensive realism is also part of the aspects that led to a change in world politics. Contemporary realist challenges made it necessary to challenge the US politics and come up with a proper plan that could suit all population's needs for political benefits. The early White man's democracy necessitated the need for the people to have an economic stake for them to be trusted to cast their vote wisely. Need to reshape the rules that were limiting people for exercising their vote was passed and by 1840, a significant percentage of the White adults were allowed to participate in their right to vote. Before the onset of the freedom of all kinds of Whites, poor and wealthy, presidential electors and governors were usually selected by the legislatures of the state. It was part of the Republican means of mitigating the threats of direct democratic control on the political positions of the State.

By 1810, the democratic temper of people to be allowed to vote made a significant change in the system of the government and created all the high and low positions in the government to be chosen by people through voting. Even though voting rights were extended to both poor and the rich, some States still limited women and Blacks from voting and denied them the right to cast their votes in the years 1807.

The overall system has brought about the dominant political and resourceful system that is the most emulated in the Universe. For one to acquire the required knowledge about the world federal government and the way it works, then they must take time to analyze the whole constitution, the interest groups, the branches of the state and federalism. However, the systems that form the federal government depict their strengths and weaknesses, positive and negative effects, advantages and disadvantages thus the U.S. government requires a system of checks and balances to resurface the mistakes.

Essential Contribution of the Work to the Field

The article identifies the need for improvement in international politics concerning the US political system. For instance, it necessitates the need for enhancing the 'sweeping clause' that gives the Congress the federal powers and all the authority of the other branches in case there is a rebellion or an inversion of power. Since the legislative branch holds all the powers under such a state of emergency, the Congress can thereby halt established forms of government and its civil liberties. It can, for instance, allow a military trial of civilians as a way of letting the federal authority to cover the whole nation. It has accomplished a lot in the power of the Congress to authorize and pass laws that can help defeat invaders and rebels thus the sweeping clause shows the two-thirds majority cannot apply in such a situation. Therefore, the 'sweeping clause' makes the system of checks and balances and the process of separation of powers to be null and void thus gives the Congress superior authority.

How the Work Fits More Comprehensive Theoretical Field of Knowledge?

The work fits the theoretical field of knowledge concerning the American system and democratic structure. The article points down the stepwise development of the US political system since the 19th century. Also, the article fits a theoretical structure in the manner that it outlines the overall purpose of checks and balances and the process of separating powers was to prevent such superior powers from being exercised. It can be seen that to better suit the necessary actions for an occurrence of rebellion, and the sweeping clause should not be upheld. There should always maintenance of the process of coming up with a particular agreement through making the three branches of government to work together as a way of avoiding rebellions and invasions.


There is no connection between contemporary realist challenges which are linked to structural realism. For that matter, relevant information concerning the development in American politics has been sourced from other articles to fix the gaps in the Bylis et al. (2014) material. The current US government portrays that the Executive branch is the second highest agency since it made up of independent government agencies, the president being inclusive.


In summation, the article has shown that the US politics has always been on the run for improvement until today where there is a system of checks and balances that are set to bring up better inclusivity of people. Additionally, the Executive is empowered to negotiate treaties, to command the military and to conduct foreign affairs. The Legislature which is commonly known as the Congress is the most significant powerful branch.


Baylis, J., Smith, S., & Owens, P. (Eds.). (2014). The globalization of world politics: an introduction to international relations. Oxford University Press. 129-141. Retrieved from

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