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Essay Example: Den of Immorality in Church

Date:  2021-05-20 08:42:30
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Church is a place where people not only get spiritual nourishment but also forms a ground to know each other for the good. An inspired Bishop, James Yard, leads a church in Chicago known as Heart Winners. The leadership also comprises of two pastors Peter Rock and HardLock walker. Each Sunday, the pilgrims throng in the church to listen to the gospel from God sent servants.

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One Sunday after a power sermon by Pastor Peter on the topic, Coming back to Jesus, the three decided to have repentance session among them. Each had to share their weaknesses to venture into the world of secret afterward not to share with the church members.

That was a powerful sermon, one big lost sheep, Oooh nooo! I, Walker that teaching can do no change my spirit of prostitution. We must enjoy the privilege of being young and energetic, I thank God because the wonderfulness is more express than my fearfulness. I cannot stop the hot women who always hang around me. I have been sleeping with my sheep for a long time; the routine has made my body organs especially the specimen to be vestigial. He lowers his pants to show his gone structures. May God forgive me for this wickedness, I also pray for God to rejuvenate my body and spirit? Have mercy upon me, Lord, I have an unfaithful servant in your holy sanctuary regretted Walker.

Sorry real soldiers do not cry but lament. My case is even worse. I always ask the congregation to plant a seed in the church thrice a week. I tell them to tell to book an appointment to my office just to milk their money. By the way, I heard the whites are witty than us but they do not realize their tombs of poverty they are digging. For the last five years, I have a set of twenty families who bring all their monthly earnings in exchange for prayers and miracles. My account is running to the brim with Christians obedience to my prophetic voice to invest in the church. For real, a feel touched to remove the sheep cover to be the hyena I am. explained Walker.

Silence then prevailed for almost five minutes. Bishop, are you not going to confess your sins? stormed Walker. James then rose to his feet to meet the guilty faces of his colleagues. My brothers, I have heard your weaknesses. My case is the worst; I have one major weakness. I do not keep secrets. The church must hear this; I have been dying of lust and desire to be rich. Bishop echoed. He then moved quickly to ring the church bell. The congregation that was still around the church compound heard the bell and were forced to rush back to the church.

Five minutes later, the congregation was seated with anxiety. Bishop then appeared in the pulpit with his colleagues. Today is a good day for us because we shall hear the secret of our pastors. The pastors started trembling. They are animals Bishop chuckled. Keep quiet! A voice commanded behind, forcing the congregation to look back. "Return my daughter you kidnapped in exchange for my only piece of land." The Bishop fainted as the pastors ran for their lives from the angry Christians.

Certainly, nowadays, the church has been polluted by the immorality of not only the members but also even the leadership. God should have mercy upon humanity, church. Everyone should be aware of the devil being right in the churches.

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