Essay on How to Improve the Productivity of the Employees

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Date:  2021-05-26

The article 7 management practices that can improve employee productivity was written Victor Lipman in 2013. The article talks about how companies can improve the productivity of their workers as it is the dream of every company to improve the productivity of its employees thus enhancing its overall performance. Managers and other top officials in the organization should focus on boosting their managerial skills more often to ensure that they acquire new skills that will help them increase the productivity of their employees. Studies show that most of the junior workers do not fully engage in productive activities while at work hence managers have to come up with ways of motivating them (Lipman, 2013). Motivated workers are likely to increase the revenue of the companies and save time that is used in producing products as they efficiently carry out their activities. Lipman, recommend this article for junior top management or individuals aspiring to be the top manager in their organization by giving them seven ways of improving the productivity of workers.

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Firstly, managers should design economic incentives that will benefit workers at all levels within the organization. In most cases, organizations consider giving incentives to the top management only, but it is worth designing a substantive incentive that is appropriate for junior staffs. Although this is likely to add expenses to the organization workers are going to be vigorously committed to firm thereby increasing productivity. Secondly, leaders should provide meaningful feedback to their junior in a constructive manner and on time. One should acquire communication skills that will enable him to provide information in a manner that will bolster the morale of the employees and not discouraging them. Even if the feedback is not positive, the managers have to provide it in a thoughtful manner to encourage the worker to execute the job in a better way (Lipman, 2013). Thirdly, leaders should respect every employee individually regardless of their position or work they do in the organization. Lack of respect will demoralize the workers while a simple respect would be a great motivator to them as they fill their contribution is highly valued in the firm.

Fourthly, the management should ensure that its employees undergo adequate training to keep in touch with ever-changing technology. Most companies focus on training the top management and neglect the juniors, but for high productivity, they should ensure that all employees receive training regardless of their position. Fifth, employees, should be provided with support when it is genuinely needed. The support includes providing more efficient modern equipment that will ensure production is done faster or ensuring that workers have adequate work-life balance. When support is provided in times of need, workers are not likely to forget it, but it builds their goodwill and loyalty. Sixth, leaders, should not be emotionally stingy, but they should provide recognition and praise when it is warranted. According to Lipman (2013), recognition is a more powerful motivator than money. Lastly, since the top management is the role models of the junior staff, their behavior should be conforming to the culture of the company. Junior workers are motivated by good behavior of the senior staff.

The article is enlightening to students, junior employees and senior management on ways of improving the productivity of the employees. Students should understand that workers feel motivated while working for the organization they are committed to instead of being a passive associate of the firm. Leaders should know they need to balance between the working hours of the employees as well as the hours they are supposed to be off. This is not easy but maintaining a good relationship with the employees is one best methods of improving production within the organization.


Lipman, V. (2013). 7 Management Practices That Can Improve Employee Productivity. Retrieved from

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