Essay Sample On Behavior, Perspective, and Advice on Leadership

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Date:  2022-10-24


In today's world, Facebook plays an increasingly crucial role of scrutiny in society, hence, earning a role of shaping agent. Facebook users and other people who have a relation to it look upon its founder for the leadership framework for solutions to today's real problems. For this to happen, Mack Zuckerberg has to employ some characteristics behavior to lead and repair Facebook's reputations. These include the five practices of excellent leadership skills, which are giving others opportunities to work, modeling of the way, challenging working processes, an inspiration of shared visions and encouragement to the heart.

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Mark Zuckerberg should practice giving other people of his team an opportunity to learn through partnership hence reducing sole leadership. Success is a sport of teamwork. Renowned great leaders understand both their weaknesses as much as their strengths Kouzes and Posner 348). Therefore, there is need to have partnership hence driving success. In collaboration with the right people in the team, immense success shall be archived in either retailing, distribution, supplies, team management, or investment of even in partnership.

Zuckerberg should be a source of imaginations while Facebooks chief operating officer by the name Sheryl Sandberg should give vision just like any other business partner who has proven to be successful. The base of this is that Zuckerberg and Sandburg together share mutual values including mutual trust and respect, commitment and complementary strengths among others (Kouzes and Posner, 108). Prosperity in a company originates from the partnership in imaginations and execution.

In Modeling of the way, a leader has to be very passionate about what they are doing. Zuckerberg has always been passionate about building the Facebook system that today has connected the highest number of people than any other system in the world. It's his passion that has made it possible for him to model the world into a more open and an interactive place (Kouzes and Posner, 216). The mission statement of Facebook's mission statement is to empower people who are specifically the users of the power of sharing lives by making sure that the world is very open and more connected than before.

Technology is the tool Zuckerberg has employed in modeling the world. He made this achievable through hard work despite the number of unsuccessful attempts. In this case, his ambitious characteristics could not see failure as the final but as a passionate entrepreneur who focused on failures as learning experiences, a step of stairs to build the strength of moving up the ladder. Modeling is what makes entrepreneurs successful business leaders (Kouzes and Posner, 70). If a leader is in a position to model, he will skive through the storms of failures no matter how hard they hit as they provide learning opportunities too. Passion energizes perseverance which has to be modeled to wade through the blizzards.

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Kouzes, James M, and Barry Z. Posner. The Leadership Challenge. San Francisco, Calif: Jossey-Bass, 2012. Print.

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