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Date:  2023-01-17


The company was founded in 2009 by Ethan Brown. For the company to start, the owners came up with nearly a quarter billion dollars for them to grow the required plant-based meet (Bittman, 2017). The company has a strategy of is to ensure that their products are categorized at the groceries, and also it's collaborations partners to influence those who love meat to end up trying their products. The beyond meat Inc is now a well-known company with over seventeen thousand customers in the United States.

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According to researchers, it has been discovered that the beyond meet inc is a company that never makes profits on its sales. Although its revenue has always been a success throughout the years, its earnings are never reflected.

The company has always set ambitions that are so big hence hard to be achieved (Ingenbleek and Zhao, 2019). BYND has tried to use the strategies used by other firms like the plant-based dairy industry, but the procedures do not work for them.

On the other hand, since the company is operating in a competitive market, the number of competitors are many hence the availability of product rivalry.

The type of products that the BYND are producing requires a lot of one specific unique ingredients, for them to come up with a perfect outcome as they need (Shapiro, 2018). Their central part is the pea protein a product of yellow peas (Lever and Fischer, 2018). These ingredients are usually imported, which may sometimes delay, experience low harvest seasons, and cost a lot of money.

Since the company usually has no written agreements or contracts with their partners or other companies, it may decide to end the bond with them at any time of their choice (Lesser, 2018). I would recommend that you do not buy the shares in that company.


In conclusion, since the BYND company never makes profits, has a large number of partners, the type of products that it makes require a special ingredient that has to be imported one should not invest in that company. I recommend that you should not buy the beyond meat Inc because purchase means that you will never develop financially due to the above reasons. On the other hand, you should know that the company never offers dividend in the future meaning that when you buy, you will only gain from stock only when it generates the returns.


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