Essay Sample on Relationship Between the United States and Saudi Arabia

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Date:  2022-09-17


Tension continues to increase with the implementation of the U.S foreign policies; the pressure emerges in balancing between the promotion of America's values and the protection of the Saudi Arabia interest. The espousal of democracy and the free markets in Saudi Arabia converged with Saudi Arabia's efforts to work with the Soviet leadership. On the other hand, the effectiveness of the foreign policy requires that the principles and values of the geopolitical interests are balanced. It is within the Soviet leadership to address conflicts emerging between the international relations ought to be addressed by the Soviet leadership in the best way possible by considering the interest of all parties involved. The acting balance can sometimes require a lot of compromising. Such a case is associated with the death of Jamal Khashoggi and the Washington Post columnist. International relations require that the country leaders integrate an work jointly with one another. However, the emerging threats of terrorist attacks may compromise the willingness of the leaders to work together. For example, the cited case between Saudi Arabia and the United States involved a case where a U.S citizen was murdered in Saudi Arabia, and an affront to the American issues was not clear. The oppositions towards the killing of the dissent and advocating for the free and robust press are important principles in the American government. As a result, the government would approach the issue seriously as they look towards the realization of justice to the deceased.

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On the other hand, Saudi Arabia has been an important partner of the U.S since the two nations resolved to make treaty during President Franklin Roosevelt and King Ibn Saud reigns. As a result, the two nations worked closely with each other and would integrate into the various trading activities. For instance, Saudi Arabia is a major oil exporter, and the United States was one of their importers.

Would the three emerging issues jeopardize the relationship between the U.S and Saudi Arabia? The two nations are working closely to address three major issues including combating terrorism, stabilizing the global oil market and countering the adventurism. There are also various areas where the two nations are not 100% in agreement; some of such issues is Yemen's debilitating war and the Qatar conflict. There is a need for Trump to balance the United States' values and interests when reacting to the Khashoggi's case with the initial step being to establish the facts and analyze the case critically and comprehensively to ensure the peaceful co-existence and harmony between the two nations are not deteriorated. The United States intelligence group can engage the matter in the best manner possible and ensure international relations remains unaffected.


The close and strategic relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia has been vital for the prosperity and security of the two nations. The historical relationship has never been significance as it is currently and this is because of the changing regarding the complexity of the security and Middle East landscape. President Trump's got into office during a tumultuous period; however, it is necessary that the two nations develop appropriate policies that will enhance the long-lasting relationship and overcome the emerging challenges in the international relations. The United Nation's charter advocates for independence, justice, and peace which the two nations must always endeavor to pursue.

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