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Date:  2023-02-11


One of the essential resources in any form of production is labor. Each firm requires employees who are well qualified to do the job and handle all the production processes without failure. In many instances, the employees need to work together if the objective of the company is to be reached (Meier, 2019). They must relate with each other positively to avoid slowing down the production process and instead focus on building the name and profits that the organization makes. Several aspects are considered in employee relations. One of them is the realization of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual compared to the other workers. Each person is made uniquely, and they can harness the uniqueness to the benefit of the organization. This paper is an analysis of my strengths and weaknesses and how the strengths can be exploited for the benefit of any enterprise.

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One of my biggest strengths is my ability to multitask. In any busy firm, one has to have the ability to handle several works at the same time. For example, if one is serving a customer, they can also be filling a table for the calculation of income without missing either of the activities. With such strength, one can achieve more in a day compared to an individual who cannot multitask. In some instances, one may handle several actions that require a lot of concentration. An example of such is the signing of cheques that have a lot of capital. In such cases, one needs to review the transactions before submitting to ensure that they have filled the right details and are not likely to commit any errors. In some companies, some machines or algorithms assist the people in noticing and correcting mistakes.

An excellent example is the banknote counter. It is made with software that uses Artificial intelligence and is essential in the correction of errors. The machines make multitasking easier since people can handle several practices without fear of losing funds or making mistakes.

An excellent illustration of multitasking in use is when a receptionist in an organization answers a call and still directs a client of the areas that they ask. The employee is handling two jobs at the same time, which makes them more productive. If the receptionist is not good at multitasking, the client will have to wait till the call is complete or the call will have to be sent to voicemail till the client gets the directions. The delays may lead to poor customer satisfaction, and less people may enroll to receive services from the organization at hand. It is, therefore, a strength that can be tapped to make the company more successful.

Basing on the evaluation test, the best skill that can be developed is teamwork. It is crucial for all the workers in any organization to work together for the benefit of the clients as well as the achievement of the goals of the company. In many office settings, maintaining a proper relationship with fellow workers is a priority that all the workers should have. Most enterprises hire people who have specialized in certain areas of the production cycle. In doing so, they have a better accounting of the roles that each individual is supposed to play for the cycle to be complete. Basing on the consideration above, the employees require to understand how their segment of work relates to the other people. In doing so, they know where to carry on after the last person who was working on a project left off.

Working as a team enables the people to produce more since they know the how to handle both their parts of the project and the last art that the previous worker had (Riebe et al, 2017). They can also stand in for each other in case one of them is ill or absent. Teamwork also enables the gaining of knowledge and skills for the development of the worker. In understanding how the fellow workers handle their job portions, one can use the same principle to sort their problems out.


In conclusion, every individual has a particular skill set that enhances their place in the job market. In understanding these needs, one can easily apply them in their area of expertise to gain better results. Moreover, the strengths can be passed on from one individual to the by observation. The result of proper applications of particular skill sets can enhance the achievement of the company. The skills are also helpful in elevating the standard of the people in their jobs. An illustration of such is when a person who appears intimidating is made a supervisor to the other workers.


Meier, S., Stephenson, M., & Perkowski, P. (2019). Culture of trust and division of labor in nonhierarchical teams. Strategic Management Journal, 40(8), 1171-1193.

Riebe, L., Girardi, A., & Whitsed, C. (2017). Teaching teamwork in Australian university business disciplines: Evidence from a systematic literature review. Issues in Educational Research, 27(1), 134.

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