Expatriate Skills Essential for Global Corporations: Siemens, Samsung, Walmart, CEMEX - Essay Sample

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There is a need for expatriates to gain appropriate skills. From the dynamic demands of the global market, multinational corporations are developing innovative strategies to ensure that they have an effective human resource. The expatriates need to have skills that will ensure they are useful in the global market and can productively work in the global market place. Multinational corporations such as Siemens, Samsung, Walmart, and CEMEX impart their employees with the right combination of skills to be ready for global assignments (Deresky, 2010).

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The global market place has rapidly evolved and hence requires expatriates with the best combination of skills to be able to manage tasks and be effective in the overseas assignments. Some of the essential skills are the ability to control the diverse environment, knowledge of other cultures, a global mindset, effective conflict resolution, willingness to learn, ability to outsource successfully, strong communication skills, and an understanding of analytics. Multinational corporations' resource departments are sensitive to equip their labor force with these skills to improve their competitiveness in the global market (Tardif, 2015).

Managing a diverse environment is vital for any expatriate. An expatriate can understand that people have different ideas, communication preferences, and is also able to give the best solutions and recommendations from a diverse point of view. The skill is essential in team building as one can fit in any group; hence, teamwork is achieved. A global mindset is also essential since the multinational corporations need to market their ideas to different countries, which is only applicable if they have expatriates with a worldwide mindset, knowledge of other cultures and the ability to appreciate the diversity in cultures in the global market. The global markets are dynamic; hence, they require a person who is always willing and ready to learn new things from either researching or acquiring knowledge from fellow employees. Outsourcing is the ability of a person to know what he wants and where to get it. It is an essential skill to an expatriate since it enables one to work towards achieving the targets without being derailed by other distractors (Baird, 2016).

Multinational corporations are greatly investing in developing their employees for global assignments. The four corporations, which are Siemens, Samsung, Walmart, and CEMEX, have unique and dynamic strategies for preparing their employees. The Corporations give special training to the expatriates before they relocate to other countries. Walmart has some group of employees doing short internships in various countries to learn and share best practices. Similarly, Samsung also offers Field Expert program to employees to experience working in an overseas branch and living in a foreign culture. In all the corporations the number of overseas employees has increased as reported by Samsung, where the number rose from 63% to 68%. The corporations also give overseas assignments to the best employees and the most experienced, as stated by CEMEX that it requires a person who has CEMEX in his DNA-one who understands the company's process world-wide. In contrary, the companies have a varied turnover experience in terms of expatriates. In CEMEX, the turnover of expert managers has gone up due to the expensive support for managers who are relocating. Unlike CEMEX, Siemens has got a low turnover because of its company culture (Russwum et al., 2011).

The multinational corporations are effectively working on developing the employees' skills to fit the global market, and this has eventually led to their immense growth and raising their standards to a higher level in the global market.


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