Internship: Description of an Event or Experienced During the Term

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Date:  2021-05-19

Description of an event or series of events experienced during the term

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During this terms, I was engrossed in constructing an indication module in the regulatory perspective and as committed to learning extensively about a variety of diseases in found in the central nervous system (CSN) and oncology. In my internship, I was handling a regulatory submission process and creating a site in inSharePointfor the CNS team. I met with my manager when aided and directed me in handling more projects connected to regulatory. By creating a site using the SharePoint for the CNS team, I managed to identify and conduct a series of research information for particular diseases in the CNS field. Working with mentors, I was keen on learning proper construction of an indication module, giving them my submissions for review, and allowing certain processes in regulatory. I was presented to more opportunities through my mentors and learnt more about the regulatory processes as well as oncology.

Explanation of the analysis of the series of events

Everything I undertook during my entire stay as the term progressed was geared towards horning my skills as an ardent learner who is interested in knowing everything about CNS and oncology. I was heavily burdened with knowing these two fields since they are instrumental in assisting a student to construct an indication module. There was no room for performing less than expected. In the presence of my mentors, I could never have let myself and them down in any way, since they were there to ensure I succeed in my learning. Before the term started, I was aware that my skills and competence in the field of CNS and oncology were wanting, and since there was an opportunity to improve on them, I had to up my game. I must admit that the course was thorough and exhaustive, but I was careful not to mess up with anything that would lead to disqualification from continuing.

Now what?

Based on analysis, what are the changes in the strategy plan and why? Will Vision Statement, one or more S*M*A*R*T Goals changed?

I am compelled to change my Knowledge Goal. Initially, I had planned to meet with my manager and request for more projects related to regulatory. It is true that I aim to create a site using SharePoint for the CNS team and identify and research information for certain diseases in the CNS field. One thing I did not acknowledge initially is that I should not just rely on managers and my mentors in quest for knowledge and skills development. Rather, I have to go to the materials available in the library and do extensive research in terms of learning and making important notes that I would use for evaluation and analysis while constructing an indication module. I believe that if I combine both the knowledge I get from my manager, my instructors, and then delve deeper into books and available resources in the institution, I will be all-round. This will also allow me to supplement what I learn from my instructors/mentor with the knowledge from the library.

Part II Revised Career Strategy

Description of your original vision for success

My original vision was set as follows: By 2035, I will be a Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs in a large company in the Central Nervous System (CNS) or Oncology field.

To break my vision further, I would like to state that, being 21 years in age, I believe that if I follow my passion in regulatory affairs and oncology, by the year 2025, In would have a made a firm and conclusive decision to major in either of these two fields. For now, my interest lies squarely in both of them, that is, I neither dislike one more than the other, but I love both. So, I would want to continue specializing in both of them up to the point when I would be forced to immerse myself deeper into one of them. Having enquired all the details revolving around both two fields, I believe that am more conversant with Central Nervous System (CNS) as compared with Oncology. I would thus keep an eye on the CNS and do everything possible to realize this vision to the fullest.

Description for revised (if any) vision for success

Initially, I had planned that I would further my knowledge about CNS and Oncology by relying mostly on my inquisitiveness from my manager, my mentors, and instructors. But having revised my goal, I feel that I would be more complete if I involve resources from the library and books. I can as well google online using online libraries like EBCOST that have peer reviewed articles and journals regarding the field of Oncology and CNS.

S*M*A*R*T Goals.

Original Goal New Goal Reason for Revision

Knowledge goal by relying on my managers and mentors direction Seek academic knowledge using library books, journal articles. I feel that books and journal articles have more information that cannot be explained by my superiors.

Learn how to construct an indication module from my mentors Learn how to construct an indication module from fellow students in upper course I will have ample time if I learn from fellow students as compared to when my mentors teach me.

I will expand my current network of relationships with new relationships with the regulatory staff in both CNS and Oncology, and meet with theVP before the end of the internship. I will request to form social groups (or teams) where team members interact freely. There is more shared when people interact freely as compared to when one individual tries to bring them together.

Self-development goal by using SWOT analysis. I will involve my peers to rate on a scale of 1-10 where I will put down all aspects about me, and ask them to rate me honestly. The old goal can make me to be biased, since I would want to mention only strengths and go silent on weaknesses, but the new goal would allow my peers to rate me based on what they observe about me.

One S*M*A*R*T goal or one original S*M*A*R*T goal Action Plan in at least 3-4 Action Steps.

S*M*A*R*T Goal: Self-development goal

Action Step #1: Involve my peers in rating me on a scale of 1-10; to answer honestly.

Action Step #2: Seek the rating of my mentors regarding my skills/competences

Action Step #3: Ask my manager to rate and recommend me

Action Step #4: To use MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) for career/personality assessment.

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