Master Degree in Architectural Engineering - Admission Essay

Paper Type:  Admission essay
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Date:  2022-10-14


After I successfully graduated with a Bachelor degree in architecture, I yearn to earn a Master degree in architectural engineering. My objectives and goals are to gain knowledge and skills to apply them in the real world and establish my firm to improve architectural designs back in my country. A Master's degree can allow me to look at the real world experiences. Architecture is a course applied in real life situation. In my undergraduate degree, I completed a design of building electrical systems, including power distribution and fire alarm. I was also introduced to low voltage and controls distribution systems. I will be able to come up with ideas of solving real-life problems in this field. I will use the gained knowledge creatively to seek solutions to the daily problems experienced by people in this area. Advancing in this course will also help me to develop the necessary skills for an architect that include design and drawing, strong analytical skills, logical approach, IT, problem-solving, communication and negotiation skills among others. I will also apply for an internship while still learning which will also strengthen the real-world application of what I have learned in my field. The internship will provide me with an exposure of the emerging issues in my area of specialization. It will equip me with the skills required for the modern application of architectural work.

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Masters of Architectural engineering will pave the way to pursue a Ph.D. in the same field which will play a vital role in both personal and professional development. Due to my childhood architectural background tied to considerable interest in architecture, I worked hard and achieved good grades in major courses while undertaking a bachelor degree in architectural engineering. However, my thirst to understand architecture deeply cannot be quenched by textbook knowledge only. I believe that architecture is not only a skill but also a blend of both imagination and creativity. Since I desire to become an excellent architecture designer, solid knowledge and architectural skills are paramount. Pursuing a Master's degree at the University of Miami will provide me with an excellent chance to heighten my interest in creativity and innovation in my field.

My long-term goal is to start my own company back home in Kuwait. Kuwait is a country where much of the Western thoughts are not yet introduced. One the areas I will focus on is sustainability particularly optimizing space of the building and materials use. As the population increases, the demand for natural resources rises, and this will end up stressing the limited available resources. It is crucial for architectural engineers to achieve an integrated utilization of materials that ensure optimization of their value to conserve resources. My designs will emphasize the use and reuse of the building materials most sustainably and productively across the life cycle. I will ensure that materials utilized in a building reduce the environmental impacts that include resource depletion and global warming. Environmentally friendly materials minimize the adverse effect on the environment and human health and result in improved safety, reduced disposable costs, and liabilities.


Bachelor degree in architectural engineering has provided me with a foundation of my field. The courses I pursued in undergraduate studies enabled me to get the fundamental knowledge and skills that I have already applied in real world situations. Application to undertake a Master's degree in the same university will be beneficial as I have already been introduced into the course. I will hone my skills in areas such as building ventilation designs, plumbing systems, smoke control systems, and fire separation among others. I hope that the University of Miami will offer me an opportunity to further my studies.

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