Mental Health: Essential for Social Well-Being & Work Productivity - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-01-05


The term mental health can be defined as social well-being, the emotional and psychological response of dictates how people act, feel and think on different occasions and response to various stimulants. Mental health is essential to every human being as follows:

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  • Increase work productivity; employees with mental health problems have low work output due the high level of depression which diverts employees thoughts and thinking ability (Burton, Schultz, You-Chen &Edington,2008).but when the person is under good mental health condition the productivity increase since all the concentration and mindset is put on work alone.
  • Making meaningful contributions to the society; Individual with good mental health condition makes right and reliable decisions in the community based on his or professional status that transforms society as the whole. He or she in apposition to analyze the current condition critically to come up with a better solution compared to a person with mental health problems. Therefore it's essential to assist those people with psychological problems for the benefits of a better community and society.
  • Coping with stresses in daily life activities; any individuals with good mental health have a higher score in terms of dealing with stress in their regular event especially increased workload at working place and show resilience and more composed by Michelle and provost (1999) and,
  • Realization of an individual's potential capacity. Good mental health helps individual to realize his or potential through achieving of the set goals and objectives within the set time frame compared to the counterpart whose aims, and purpose may fail to be made within the time frame due to divided mind and thoughts and state of unrest within him or her.

What could be done to decrease the numbers of suicides in the first responders?

People with the mental problem are known to to be at risk of committing suicide. Therefore, there need to have plans to reduce the occurrences of death through preparedness. The steps managers and parents can take to prevent suicide occurrences among employees and children's' respectively may include:

  • Should come up with a well-structured leadership team and will be used to determine the causal factors and encourage the victim and show them how to overcome the situation by giving testimonies. (Mitchell,2011).
  • Do more research on perceived vulnerabilities of the victims that are related to the wide-ranging psychiatrists set of symptoms (Brooks et al.,2016).
  • The first responders should be conscious of personal risks and symptoms of burnout, psychological conditions concerning the individuals who had directly traumatized (Quevilon et al.,2016).

Should make prior arrangement to the mischance for the personal well-being by drinking cold water and doing exercises to relieve stresses. Sometimes the occurrence of attempts might occur before the above mentioned strategic plans formulated .its therefore essential to have a response mechanism of the event during and after. Consequently, a bright, well-defined channel of communication within the institutions and societies must be established. Assessing the employees is very important to determine any cause of stress and depression casual workers, junior employees and senior employees on their daily duties. There need to form employee group sessions to enable every individual to tell the challenges and current situations they are going through personal bat level both at work and at home. the organization should also provide mental health care program and resilience within the organization for guiding and counseling to reduces chances of suicide within the institutions and the community.

What kind of coping mechanisms should be available for free for first responders?

The person under mental problem needs a lot of care and to manage this, there should be proper coping strategies to minimize and prevent the problem. These coping strategies may include:

  • Providing guiding and counseling session and support. If the person is under financial challenge, for instance, should be provided with the backing along with guiding and counseling to stabilize his or her consciousness
  • Come up with integrated and universal approaches; there should be effective approach mechanisms that endorse the mental health of first responders. This helps the victims to establish mental health conditions within themselves. All institution and organization should embrace holistic approaches to recognize the effect of mental health on the performance and productivity of the organization.
  • A modified and risk protective mechanism should be put in place; a well-developed systematic approach against mental health should be put in place to examine the signs of mental health problem for every employee since each, and everyone needs control (Mitchell, 2016).

How should first responders find ways to take time out for themselves to reduce "burn out?"

Apart from the external assistance the first respondents should be provided with to deal with mental problems, he or she should come up with a suitable mechanism to manage the challenge affecting him or her. First, the first respondent needs to divert their mind into meaningful activities and sports and also need to Make sure they have a good sleep this will enable to refresh their memory (Quevilon et al., 2016). In addition to that, they have to Visit friends and have fun and avoid involving yourself in complex decision making the moment when feeling depressed.


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