My Journey to Become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-08


While growing up, my desire to help those requiring medical assistance especially the ones with mental health disorders and making a change in the society was my ambition. Listening to life-threatening stories and watching documentaries about people dying due to lack of medical attention due to the shortage of psychiatric nurse practitioners uplifted my desire to become a nurse. Furthermore, my passion for real human connection motivated me to enter the nursing profession. It is my goal is to develop interpersonal skills, promote a safe environment and provide quality patient care for the wellbeing of others. Attending nursing school will enable me to attain my goals and make my dream a reality.

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I always found myself keeping the company of the needy and the ones who were in need of assistance. My teachers were able to realize this marvelous ability and elevated me to the captain in charge of student welfare and first aid while I was in high school. I grew up in full understanding that the purpose of life was to care for other people's welfare and to make sure that someone else was better off with your help than without it. A true leader needed strong resolutions and ability to stick by their convictions on what they deem is right against that which they feel is wrong. I have never looked back on that being the team player that I am to date.

In my quest to attaining my goals, I consider social change as a significant factor in making my nursing profession successful. Participating in activities that promote a safe environment will be a better way of developing a positive social change in society. Example of activities that promote a safe environment includes: sacrificing my time, my skills and knowledge to others by educating them on ways to keep their environment safe for example using sterilized first aid kit when performing first aid emergency.

Furthermore developing interpersonal skills is another way of promoting social change. As a nurse, it is essential to have a good relationship with your patients. The right relationship is created when one takes his or her time and visit neighborhoods or being a part of public workshops. Here one will get the opportunity to interact with the public. Hence the interaction will help one develop interpersonal skills such as good communication.

In nursing school, am hopeful that I will not only gain knowledge but also learn how to promote social change. I am determined to make a huge difference in people's lives and to be living proof that huge change starts from a single person. I am hoping to gain sufficient skills to set me out from the rest as the voice of reason and the oasis of hope in life. I purpose to change people's lives and to improve the communities and society at large as the definitive voice of reason just as projected by Owen (2019). I will not look back on my peers as such I will live to be correct the apparent wrongs that are common in contemporary society into what I deem fit for the common good. I, also, will see to it that I contribute positively to the institution by nurturing young talent and soul in the line of community service and welfare campaigns. My hope is that I will get admission into this outstanding institution.


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