Ogilvy Company PR Analysis: Functions, Tools, and Technologies - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-07


The report offers a comprehensive exposition of the public relations analysis of the Ogilvy Company, which is an all in one advertising, marketing, and public relations organisation. The company has various subsidies across the world. The report consists of multiple components that include the overall explanation of the role or functions of the company, the main tools used by the company in its technical communication, the data collection techniques, and other technological aspects utilised within the company. Through this, readers can understand that the Ogilvy Company consists of different departments that work in unison to achieve the main objectives of the business. Such departments include marketing, online communications, advertising and corporate affairs.

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Explanation of Communication Technology

The proposal chose to research about the public relations of the Ogilvy Company. Specifically, the research sought to establish how the personnel at Ogilvy interact with the named technologies, in addition to their perception towards those technologies. The technical communication within the company integrates various technologies such as the desktop publishing software, Adobe Framework, the web publishing software, the RoboHelp and video production software, among others. As such, the personnel at the company possess considerable knowledge about these technologies to enable them to interact effectively. The availability of distinct web forums and IM messaging applications used by the organisation's teams enhances point-to-point communication. This kind of communication promotes collaboration between them and therefore makes it easier, quick and reliable.

Research Methods

The researchers used a questionnaire to collect valuable data on the project. Specifically, they were used to establish how the personnel at Ogilvy interact with such technologies and their perception about them. The choice of the questionnaire was based on various factors. For instance, they ensured a high response rate as they are distributed to respondents to complete and are collected personally. This method of data collection offers less opportunity for bias, as they are presented consistently. They require less time and energy to administer. Markedly, it provided the possibility of anonymity because subjects' names were not required on the completed questionnaires.

Research Findings

This research offered tremendous insights regarding the public relations in Ogilvy Company. Notably, the data methods aimed at establishing how the personnel at Ogilvy interact with the named technologies and what they feel about them. In line with these, the research found that employees are confident in their use of the technologies. Majority of them believed that the use of the different technologies offered them the opportunity as well as the freedom to work from anywhere in the world without any restrictions. Additionally, their activities that integrate branding, advertising and public relations messages are clearly understood and therefore pose a direct impact on the intended audience. Finally, the findings further indicated that over-dependence on the technological advance might prove difficult in the case whereby the target audience is not technologically advanced.


In my view, the proposal writing and report has a whole has given me tremendous insights about the entire concepts of the research methods and with the particular emphasis on the analysis of the communication at the Ogilvy Company. I was able to apply considerable elements and ideas that were taught in class, including the data collection, findings, data analysis and provision of recommendation. Though not match, the absence of the instructor greatly affected me in a manner that I was unable to see consultation, especially on critical issues that needed insights from the teacher. However, library research, as well as the group discussion, played a significant role in shaping my concepts, and knowledge regarding the course.

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