Paper Example: What Is Theatre Review?

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Theatre review is the art of creating a conducive environment for the performance of a film, lecture and also for the presentation of artistic work. On the other hand, a theatre is a hall or a room that has a raised stage with chairs for the audience all for production of a film or even a song. This essay with majorly but into consideration of experience in threatens review. It will begin with setting a conducive environment for the production of the films. It is also essential for life to the audience. Theatre performance involves the use of creativity the will in term produce a live performance that will leave the audience happy all the time (Heard et al. 2017). This essay will also focus on Aristotle's elements of spectacles and music as it works together to support the ideas of the play.

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Begin with; the traditional design process is given consideration. It is whereby the designer uses to work or perform as they are part of the entire production group. Honestly speaking the director leads the team as the manager of the art. It is eventually essential to look that the design group meet as individuals or as a group with one another to make sure that they are placed well, and they are well organized

Visual appearance is also another critical aspect to consider if one is to bring an attractive and captivating live performance in the play or film production. The way the actors are dressed helps a lot in the charming and live the return it will be so for this reason many plays or film production tend to consider visual appearance more critical to make the experience of a theatre review more captivating (Freeman, 2016). Inspirational images too is another thing that will make the performance of the play look more interesting to the audience, hence will leave them to go for many days thinking how the production was such captivating .so when working in an environment that is purely scenic, sound light and even costume processes are the ones that will automatically display the message of the production to the audience hence helps to attract more attention and also make them follow the production the later without losing their focus.

The space of the theatre is also another thing that should be clearly defined. It is essential since it will allow for enough space for the performance actors and even enough space for the audience. Enough space will provide the right field for the action of the actors to display well in the presence of the audience (Hansen et al.2015. The large theatre also will allow the audience to have enough space to watch the presentation by the actors of the play or the film. As a result, it is advisable to create a proper theatre with enough space for adequate performance, and in return, this will bring a good and fantastic experience that will give an excellent background to the audience too.

When performing in a theatre, it is good to maintain frontal elevation to the audience. This technique will make the audience easy to follow what the actor is presenting to them (Reason et al. 2016. This elevation is also a form of communication as it involves using drawing that uses some particular colors to distinguish and also to make the theatre more conducive and even attractive to the audience.

Theatre performance also involves forming a support staff for the success of a production. It includes both professional faculty and the supportive staff. Therefore with this staff, the output is more accessible and successful indeed. From this point, it is good to have professional staff and support one to help in the streamlining of the theatre to make the performance successful.


In conclusion, it is evident that for a better and more captivating experience of a theatre review, there are quite a lot of things that should be considered before embanking of the real theatre production of any given form of artistic work whichever the field it might be based on.


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