Personal Response to Women in Business Essay Example

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Date:  2021-05-20

Throughout the world all over, women are considered as an economic opportunity. Due to this, the growing influence and affluence of women cannot be ignored, and women are being considered as the next opportunity for the market. According to (Burke & Richardsen, 2017), women are creating their wealth and setting up business empires some of which have become very successful. From the article, the author depicts that there is a lack of enough mentors for the women in business. Even though this may apply, women need to take chances and rise above adversity to make it up the corporate ladder. Many challenges face women within the business, and it is their responsibility to overcome those challenges to make it to the top. The essay, therefore, seeks to provide a personal response to the article on women in business.

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At the early ages, women are incredibly ambitious. Their expectations are high, and some of them perform better in schools than even men. Some of the women transfer the same ambitiousness to their workplaces delivering better results than even men partaking the same jobs. It gets discouraging when the same women are not encouraged and appreciated with all the effort they have put in their work to ensure efficient service delivery by being denied the promotions they much deserve. On the other hand, men get promotions easily. Due to this, there is an absolute diminishing of the women ambitions to succeed as future leaders. The author of the article is very right by denoting that we are losing best future leaders.

Pointing to corporate culture, workplace biases and family issues, womens drive to succeed is diminished as postulated by the author. The lack of support by the spouse is a contributing factor for most womens shattered dreams. Research by ILO (2015), shows that women who have spouses that are understanding perform better at the workplaces and in the realization of their dreams. A Spouse support for each other is crucial for realizing dreams. As for the corporate culture, it does not only apply to women only but also to men. Males and females partake same jobs which assume the same culture. Some culture may favor women more than men while the opposite is also true. The idea of corporate culture hindering the progression of women, therefore, does not arise. Both men and women experience cooperate culture.

Companies that have women in charge experience an overall associated 15 percent raise in the profit earnings as per the research was done by Ernst &young as denoted by the author. The main reason for this is the fact that women, in general, are difficult to bribe and are not easily convinced to undertake shoddy dealings. In most instances, women uphold the rule of law more than men do and therefore are better managers than men (Syna & Costea, 2015). The fact that also a 15 percent rise in the profit margins are experienced by corporates headed by women depicts that if women are accorded the needed opportunities, they are capable of delivering top notch results.

Even though women experience many challenges more than men, it is their responsibility to utilize the fewer chances appropriately they get to provide the needed results. With this, women will be able to turn around the business landscape. If they do this, the perception that people have against women will change, and it will be a win for them.


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