Reflective Essay on Summer Internship

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Date:  2022-10-10


We will discuss the importance of youth intership and the benefits it offers for adults in the "My Summer Internship: Reflection Paper Example". Santa Fe Relocation is known for its inspiring work cultures and highly motivated teams. They do not make permanent employees more valuable than interns. This company's management is extremely strict and you can finish work most days within eight hours. I learned how important communication skills are and how they affect your work relationships with others through the internship. It was also important to choose a job that is relevant to your interests and how it will impact your work relationships. It has also been a great way to get a taste of life after graduation. As a student, I am used to having late classes and late nights. But this summer, my hours were so long that I was up at seven thirty every morning and asleep by eleven every night.

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It's common sense to be on time for work. I was taught this by my parents. But saying it is different from actually doing it. It was amazing to me how valuable experience in the workplace is. Although we are constantly warned about many things in college, we don't have to face them until then. It is hard work in the workplace and it is obvious why it is important to do what you enjoy. Internships allow us to adjust to the world outside of college. This allows us to meet other workers and gain practical experience in the workplace.

My internship taught me the most important and strongest skill: open communication. At first, I was afraid to ask questions and anxious to share my ignorance. I was able to overcome that fear quickly, as asking questions is the best way to find out what you should be doing. My colleagues were more appreciative if I asked a lot of questions to ensure I understood the process and did it correctly. I would be too scared to ask questions if I hadn't worked with so many helpful and cooperative people. It is okay to ask questions. I wouldn't have to struggle with it at my next job. Practical experience is what we all know, and internships provide students with the hands-on experience that they need. Quality internships are crucial to acquire key skills that cannot be learned in the classroom. Multitasking, communication, dealing with diversity and meeting deadlines are all skills that you can learn when you work for someone else.

As my internship ends, I am reminded of all the wonderful things I learned. While I gained a lot of knowledge from the classroom, a hands-on approach was invaluable. An internship is a great experience for students. It gives you a glimpse of the real world. It was a great way to end my formal education. I believe that learning by doing is the best way to learn. This summer was a great experience. This opportunity was truly a blessing. This will be a great help in my job search and for references. It was something I was afraid of at first, but I now find it very necessary. Customer service is difficult. You cannot please everyone. Stressing about the small things won't get me far. I learned how to work in a team, and how my colleagues can help me accomplish the same. I also learned that it is important to ask lots and lots of questions during my internship. By asking questions I got answers. I am now more motivated to pursue my career in this field.


Sometimes, an internship can be a wake-up call for students who aren't in the right major. But it was the exact opposite for me. It proved that I loved the business and wanted to keep it going for a long time.

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