Solutions and Recommendations for Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

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Date:  2022-10-04


Human behavior and organization theories do positively influence the performance of large organizations and failure to appreciate these concepts can lead to substantial malfunctions and breakdown just like in the case of Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant. The productivity and motivation level of Engstrom Auto Mirror plant employees have been decreasing mainly because of poor administration and alignment of human behavior concepts and theories. This paper offers solutions to improve the current status of Engstrom Plant by creating organizational improvement outcomes and recommending strategic actions that can be taken to have better results.

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Organizational Improvement Outcomes

Organizational issues have been at the center of constant decline in productivity and employee motivation at Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant. One main reason for these issues within the organization is the "Scanlon Plan" that meant employees would share cost savings and profits if they performed well. Moreover, this plan also indicated that workers had a voice concerning the activities of the plant. Later on, the management decided to add new technology with the aim of increasing profit and productivity, but they failed to advocate for adjustment of the initial Scanlon Plan leading to the failure of this program. The plant's management did not work closely with the employees and failed to adequately address their issues relating to the plan leading to their low motivation and decreased productivity. The plant's organization structure and management gave less chance to workers with ideas on how to improve the fortunes of the company meaning that the management-employee relationship continued to deteriorate.

The management of Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant can apply different human behaviors concepts and theories to have some positive outcomes at an organizational level. The plant can utilize the "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs" theory which according to Newstrom (2015) details and focuses on the different needs of human beings. The management certainly did not pay attention to the needs of the employees as they began to feel unappreciated especially when the Scanlon plan was not followed. Specifically, they did not receive the "higher order needs" described by the hierarchy of needs meaning that they were not motivated to improve their performance. These needs according to Newstrom (2015) involves having a better feeling of self-confidence, socially being involved in the workplace and having a sense of belonging. Moreover, Newstrom (2015) notes that it's important for management to "identify and accept employee needs, recognize that needs may differ among employees and offering satisfaction for the particular needs not being met" (p. 132). One way of ensuring employees needs are catered for is by listening to them and most especially their suggestions.

Another model that the management of Enstrom can use to create organizational improvement outcomes by increasing productivity and boosting employees motivation is the expectancy model. This model would help in employee behavior modification and reinforcement considering they were not motivated to work in the plant anymore. This model calls for organizations to generate a climate or an environment that is full of motivation for the employees to ensure their productivity is at a maximum (Newstrom, 2015). The main problems that Enstrom Plant has are low employee motivation which consequently affects productivity, and hence this model would help the management solve this problem they created. Newstrom (2015) notes that the expectancy model depicts shows how employees react to motivation where they measure their actions and efforts will be rewarded hence they end up putting more effort. Therefore, this model can help Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant solves various challenges related to workers management.

Strategic Actions

To have meaningful outcomes with the expectancy model, Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant management should change and revisit the current prospects it has regarding the workers. The expectancy model has three parts that are valence, instrumentality, and expectancy (Newstrom, 2015). Valence is concerned with the strength of an individual' fondness or preference of receiving a reward because of their hard work (Newstrom, 2015). The management, therefore, needs to identify employee's fondness or preference when it comes to their bonuses and rewards and after that set a high valence to attract more employees. By making the criteria for bonuses more understandable and setting them much higher, management will manage to motivate the employees to work hard and smart to get these bonuses.

Another part of the expectancy model is Expectancy which according to (Newstrom, 2015) is "the strength of belief that one's work-related effort will result in the completion of a task" (p. 142). The intentions of the Scanlon plan were good, but they could be enhanced by visibly explaining and making it clear which undertakings or responsibilities will be rewarded. Lastly, the management will use instrumentality to ensure that workers have absolute belief in the reward system created and their efforts will be rewarded. If Engstrom Plant can effectively use this model, employees would come back to giving out their best ensuring productivity is restored once again.

Another action Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant management should take is listening and taking the suggestions made by the employees. This can be done by forming committees that will not only be listening to workers suggestions, but it would also ensure employees are trained on the issue regarding organizational changes. Good leaders need to have positive fellowship behaviors such as regularly "pursuing dialogues and generating suggestions" (Newstrom, 2015, p. 198). All in all, by applying the expectancy model and by listening to a suggestion from the employees, the management will be able to meet all the requirements or needs set by the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.


Newstrom, J. W. (2015). Organizational behavior: Human behavior at work (14th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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