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Technology Implementation in Organization - Essay Example

Date:  2021-07-05 21:16:46
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Technology recommendations

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The different advancements in technology have affected all individuals globally. The improvements in technology have also made it easier for the people with disability to perform most of the tasks in the workplace. Most of the improvements have also been made for the people with disability including mind-controlled exoskeletons to the driverless cars.

In this scenario, the employee should get a wheelchair, which will enable her to get around the office (Hunt, 1992). The reason is that maybe there are no appropriate desks which are tall for the standard wheelchair to fit. Furthermore, she might not have the important place to put her hands or arms where she can operate a standard keyboard and mouse. I will ensure that I offer the employee with the equipment that will enhance her flexibility at the workplace.

In the organization, the employee should be provided with a computer that she can operate using one hand. Some hardware modifications are also needed to help in replacing the mouse or keyboard. The expanded keyboards with larger keys, which are spaced apart can assist in replacing the standard keyboards for the ones with limited fine motor control (In Roulstone, In Sheldon & In Harris, 2016). The specialized input devices and trackballs can also replace a mouse. An electronic braille display is also necessary because the employee has a problem with her sight. The electronic braille display will be placed under a computer keyboard to enhance the user to read all the contents of the computer screen through touching the Braille (In Roulstone, In Sheldon & In Harris, 2016). Light operated a keyboard is also sufficient for the employee.

Work environment recommendations

The employee should get an appropriate working environment because of her condition. Correcting the issue of lighting and getting a good working position can help them utilize their vision efficiently (Liu & United Nations, 2007). Good glare is necessary for free light to help her read different documents in the workplace. I will ensure that the employee is offered with services like opening the door and carrying packages for her. I will also advise the other employees to accept her the way she is by talking in low tones and use expressions that will not make her feel offended like walk this way.

Some of the accommodations that will help the employee include a photocopying machine that can enlarge the texts. She will also be provided with seating where lighting meets her needs and making information available in electronic form (Liu & United Nations, 2007). The workstation of the employee will be situated in a place that fits her needs. The workstation will be efficient to ensure that she delivers quality jobs. As a Human Resource manager, I will make sure that the working environment is comfortable for the employee for her to continue being a stellar employee.

Training and support recommendations

The stellar employee will be taught one how to use the various technologies that she will be provided with to ensure that she offers quality services to the employees. She will be trained on how to use braille, new mouse, and new keyboard because she was not disabled before. Thus, she might not know how to use them. She will be trained on how to use the Braille so that she delivers quality services as she had done in the past. Furthermore, she will be trained on how to use the wheelchair when getting around the office.

The employee will also be trained on how to use the new desk, keyboard, and mouse to enable her work efficiently. This strategy is important as it will ensure that she can use the spaced keyboard to enhance her condition. The keyboard also has limited fine control which is effective for her condition. Through these strategies, the employee will be able to use the new technology, and it will make her be one of the outstanding employees in the organization.


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