The Last Patriarch - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-13


Last patriarch it is a Moroccan based family that narrates the full story of sexual abuse and physical changes, it's a story of migration of the father and a family moving to Catalonia and actually the whole story of the narrator the daughter of the patriarch transiting from one stage to the other one which is more culturally motivated mostly in the patriarch perspective.

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El-Hachmi place of origin is Morocco which they later moved to catalona it thus enrich into two stories consisting of the two parts, the part concern of birth of Mimoun to that of childhood marriage up to his migration to catalona, it include immorality namely rape, violence and sexual abuse through the narrator is not dependable since the use of many phrases like 'we expect' and many more, they mixed a lot of issue such as cultural history, family affairs, satirical humor pride in winning Catalonia prestigious prize and lastly feminist polemic. The current issue is the problem in mixing complicated relationship amongst the father and the daughter. The second part of the book is of more concern in cultures, due to experience of migration and the ultimate challenge in the patriarch based in traditional system, the scenario is in relation to active migration experience, while on the other part of potentiality the book encompasses a very horrific story and in regards is where this usually occurs in the system of patriarchal, thus protects perpetrators,its also strengths and weakness, there was a time where most stories were based on cultural clash,thus the daughter brought up in an unfavorable environment such as abusive ties of-of old-time cultural ties or woes and the impacts a one wanting to do away from the traditional situation,

The last patriarch was published and authored in a Catalan, where mostly it won a prestigious language of Catalan prize. Perhaps I wouldn't imagine and wondering if it can help and something significant has been lost in translation; this is about aspects of authorship employed in and styles used in plus also the grammar choices as the biggest blunder in the enjoyment of the entire book reading, these pinpoint on the physical attractiveness of Mimoun in doing what he wants despite his siblings leading obedient lives in dominant by their desires

The second part of the story the daughter himself narrates in growing up in speaking perfect Catalan. Learning and coping up into conflict with his father, the school and beating her whenever he talks to people of opposite sex, the daughter loves his father and at the same times becomes so rebellious too, the novel is not definite about oppression and thus finds refuge in the literature in great Catalonia. Peter Bush from Catalan translates Last Patriarch on each work in every level as assailing changes in modern morocco's document, the story of suffering and success in migration and its feminist diatribe desires on how to get courage and in defeating patriarchal values. The situation of the work, within contextual concept of Moroccan Spanish literature based in Catalonian seeking in highlighting the complexity of various ideas and texts belonging to Moroccan immigration to Spain, the big problem living and not having specific culture will characterize some Spanish Moroccan works,inclusion the story narrates entirely the perspective of the Mamoun wealthy daughter who eventually escaped because of sexual abuse, violence from his father and also too concern of an imagined stories and the importance of original stories.

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