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Employee performance is considered an integral part of all organization operating in both developed and developing economies. The organization or business enterprise relies heavily on the employees to sustain itself and achieve core objectives. Employees have are entitled to demonstrate high performance to enable the organization to attain competitive advantage and outshine its competitors across the world. The selection and recruitment approach utilized by an organization determines the overall relationship between employees and human resource management as well as influencing the performance. For instance, Ford Motors Company believes that the use of internal employee recommendation and recruitment agency in the process of recruitment/selection enable a business enterprise to hire competent workers. It also helps the organization to select committed and productive workers to facilitate good performance. The objective of this paper is to analyze the effects of recruiting/selection process on the human resource management decision making using Ford Motors Company as my dream employer.

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Selection and recruiting of competent employees have been the dream of every organization. The decision making in the workplace is determined by the type of employees that the organization has recruited. Ford Motors is focused on acquiring sufficient human capital because it believes that workers are the most valuable and precious assets of the business enterprise. During the process of recruitment, the organization is determined to select appropriate and competitive candidates who will converge to form the general performance of the company. The company devises a practical approach while conducting the recruitment process to carefully select the best employees that would actively participate in sound decision making at the workplace. Human resource management ensures that rightful candidates are selected to assume vacant positions within the organization. Therefore, it is vital to carry out an effective recruitment and selection process because they play an essential role in determining the level of decision making at the workplace (Ahmad, Sohel and Roger 540).

Competition in the car business has become very extraordinary. Aside from different things, there is sufficient challenge over recruiting in the right talent. Strategies are in a race to hire the best talent for themselves. To run an inventive approach, it is essential to pull in creative personalities. Passage attempts to pull in individuals with a creative personality and a client-driven outlook. The organization needs individuals with various capabilities and endeavors broad endeavors around there. In such manner, the strategy has banded together with expert associations just as fabricated associations with a few top colleges. To pull in the best understudies and ongoing alumni, the approach uses advanced devices. Passage administrators visit college grounds to discover potential car pioneers from among the cutting edge understudies (Briscoe and Dennis).

The organization additionally uses different strategies for growing coordinated effort in the network. Going to gatherings in the nearby systems and associating with neighborhood people and organizations is likewise Ford's strategy to develop connections and interface with skilled individuals. The passage has additionally developed its emphasis on the onboarding of talent and is utilizing a creative approach for recruitment. Recruitment at Ford has been made progressively streamlined and effective after some time. A web-based interface has made onboarding smoother and progressively proficient for Ford new contracts. The modified online interface enables the new agreements to finish their desk work and assignments in a sorted out way. In this way, instead of staying busy with desk work on their first day the new representatives can submerge themselves in their new organization, its way of life and their new job.

The car business is experiencing a period of quick change. To prepare for these headways the brand needs to make changes to its way of life and bring both the old and the new together. Aside from presenting the best of its past, the brand will likewise need to embrace new practices to move toward the future. For this reason, Jim Hackett has chosen to utilize a workforce focused plan that keeps Ford's human capital at the inside in everything that Ford does including its human asset rehearses. It discharged a program called HRRev in 2016 that is gone for changing its HR items and administrations in a way that altogether improves the worker experience. The organization is attempting to take its representative expertise to the following dimension. In such a manner, the brand has chosen to include new highlights. It will dispatch another entryway called Life@Ford in 2018. Aside from that, it will likewise send three new "Individuals First" administration focuses that will bolster its worldwide workforce (Briscoe and Dennis).

Employee commitment and fulfillment is likewise a vital concentration at Ford. Openness is of the utmost importance for connecting with its kin and with an extensive and worldwide workforce, two-way correspondence is imperative to keeping individuals locked in. There are a few correspondence channels that the brand uses to accomplish this including its site, intranet website, Annual Reports, Jim Hackett's video blog and so on. The organization additionally utilizes web-based life channels and webcasts to speak with its gathering of the workforce. The brand has built up a measurement called worker fulfillment list score to quantify it is representative's fulfillment. The organization leads a yearly Global Pulse review that urges the workers to give legit criticism about their employment and their general fulfillment about their organization. The review results are utilized by the organization to comprehend its public execution in HR and make educated activity arrangements on its premise. The organization's worker fulfillment file score was 72 of every 2017 and representative commitment score 84.

The selection and recruitment methodology is a champion among the most basic HR work which extraordinarily affects the pay improvement and the net incomes of an association when diverged from various errands, for instance, upkeep, on-boarding, activity headway, and managing capacity. Additionally, enlistment and determination system is in like manner more basic than revamping the affiliation, work/life balance, and essential HR. Most HR divisions use the genuine piece of their effort and money to administer agents, and in this way, they are generally unfit to fulfill the affiliation's enrolling needs adequately. Unavoidably, alliances end up enrolling excessively many or too little delegates to fill openings (Daniels at el.).

If the amount of specialists in a division outperforms the need, by then the affiliation will persevere through a disaster as the cost of keeping up that office increases conversely with its salary. On the other hand, if a critical position is left vacant, by then, that causes adversities too as it authentically results in diminished corporate pay. Today, we need a move from the regular thought of utilizing that treats all action openings likewise to one that sorts out each opening depending upon criticality. A perfect evening out of delegates and work ought to be kept up in an association. Moreover, an occupation enlistment expert needs to ensure that merely the most skilfull and handy people should be picked for the vocations. The costs of getting an ill-advised contender can be enormous for an affiliation (Leisink, Peter, and Bram 118).

Contracting can be seen as weak when the new contract disillusionment rate is high. If the new contracts are finished or intentionally stopped inside starting a couple of months, paying little regard to their execution, by then the new enrolling can scarcely be known as a triumph. Incapable of acquiring not directly control you to rehire for a comparable position yet, what's more, adds to the cost of mischief upheld by the awful contract. In an incredible enrollment choice methodology, a purposeful system is set up. Everything from the intending to sets of desires, chat with methods and last choice is intentional and purposely spread out. To find the best candidate, it is fundamental to allow enough time and money for getting with the objective that you are not pushed or in flood (Compton and Robert).

The number of days lost in important endeavors and the cost of deferrals can be the quick delayed consequences of weak contracting and low-quality enlistment process. Weak obtaining not directly points mishaps concerning wander delays anyway can in like manner help bungle key shots. There is no accreditation that hopefuls who performed well in the enlistment exercise will do well in performing various leveled limits. This way, it is fundamental that new laborers are given presentation into an association's abilities before they are given essential endeavors.


In conclusion, the process of selection and recruitment are of great significance to human resource management. The organization can hire a committed and productive workforce that would help to increase the level of performance. The strategies used by Ford Motors in securing employees enable the company to meet its objective through high performance. Recruiting appropriate employees helps to improve the process of decision making in the workplace. Competent workers understand desirable values that drive the organization towards achieving its goals.

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